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About Myself and Local Cat Sitter 

My name is Jameela Van Eijck (The Cat Lady), and I am the founder of Local Cat Sitter Zurich.  Cats have always been a part of my since my childhood days. They have become a part of my life and part of my family.   Founding Local Cat Sitter Zurich has been my dream and I formed it in June 2019 after I had relocated from the United Kingdom to Zurich to join my husband.    With the help and support of my husband and our two kids my dream was made a reality.

About The Business

Local Cat Sitter Zurich, Business hours - 6h00 – 20h00 7 days a week. I am is a fully insured and registered.  

The Areas I Cover

 I provide a Cat Sitter Service in and around Zurich. To find out if I cover your area please contact me.   During low-season, I am happy to provide my services outside my normal working area.

our family and how it all started ............

My name is Nadira and I am currently doing my A Levels.   I assist Mum from time to time to earn a bit of pocket money.   

This is Mum and Chico,  our oldest cat.   Mum is the  owner of the Business and founder. 

Mum has always worked in public service and had decided that when she moved to Switzerland she would want to start up a Cat Sitting Service and this is how it all started.    

This my Dad Maurits and he works in finance IT and assists Mum if help is required which is not often as Mum is 
Mrs. Independent.   

This is me with my brother Masoom  and he lives and works in the  United Kingdom for an engineering company.    

These are our cats,   Kodak (Princess) and Kodi  are  our older boy, Chico's (in the photo with Mum) little brother and sister. 
Chico  is from the first generation and he is the older brother.
Kodak (Princess) is my cat.

"My Specialty Is Business Travel "

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