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my story

Local CatSitter Zurich

My name is Jameela Van Eijck, better known as “The Cat Lady,” and I am the proud founder of Local CatSitter Zurich.

Cats have been a part of my life since childhood, they have become beloved members of our family. In June 2019, I moved from the United Kingdom to Zurich to join my husband. It was then
that I decided to turn my life long passion for cats into reality,
with the support of my husband, kids.

Local CatSitter Zurich was born from this dream. I understand the significance of your furry companions and I am are here to provide them with the love, care and companionship that they deserve while you as the owner is away.

“Cat Lady” Holding Little Isaac, he was only 12 days old at the time. Masoon – Dad to Isaac

Our Values


I am dedicated to providing reliable Cat Sitting Services, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your beloved Furry friend/s are in good hands and well cared for.


I treat each Furry Friend/s with compassion, love and care, ensuring their emotional well-being and comfort throughout their time in my care.


Trust is at the core part of my services. I strive to build good relationships and understanding with both Furry friend/s and their owners, my aim is to gain trust and ensuring that both Furry Friend/s and owner’s are happy.

My Guarantee – Good Quality Care And High Standards

Meet Our Purr-fect Kids

Just like children, our Furry Friends bring us endless joy, laughter, love, comfort and a deep sense of companionship. In some cases filling the empty spaces that we miss in our lives. They have been with us through thick and thin, filling our lives with joy and comfort with their unique personalities and adorable antics.
This is our New Arrival from the Netherlands. 14 Weeks Old Maine Coon – Named Zues

My Feline Family

I welcome you, heart and soul to Local CatSitter Zurich“Our Feline Family.” Here, we invite you to get to know our beloved cats who have captured our hearts and become cherished members of our family. You ae most welcome to pop over to meet our Furry Friends. Feel Free to book an Appointment.

Allow me to introduce you to each of our furry friends, share their names, stories, and the special place they hold in our hearts. You will discover their quirks, preferences, and all the little things that make them the purr-fect additions to each of our families.
We hope that by getting to know our own beloved feline Monsters, I hope this will give you the confidence and entrustment that you are looking from your your furry friend’s Sitter. After all, I understand the deep bond you share with your furry friend/s, and I am here to provide them with the same love, care, and attention that we give to my very own furry friends.

We have Smokey…..

Our Scottish Fold better known as Snoopy (My correct name is Smokey but Mum prefers to call me Snoopy). He has a bone issues and hops around like little a Rabbit. He is a happy go lucky little one. Brings lots of joy and comfort to us.

Meet King Chico… and His Jamaican/ Brit Friend Katie

Chico is our oldest Abyssinia baby and loving, caring and high demanding. Katie has been a part of our family for many years. Katie or Storm her son jets in once a year just to baby sit Chico, hence the name King Chico. Sure highly demanding needs a special sitter.

Our family and how it all started …………

Local CatSitter Zurich did not just spring up overnight – it grew from a deep-rooted love for furry friends that been nurtured over generations. Let me take you back to
where it all began, with the family who inspired this passion.

Updates & Information

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say………..

I met Jameela a bit more than 3 years ago and as my boy felt the most comfortable with her, it was an easy choice but also a leap of faith – which turned out to be the best decision. She is a true cat lover, her professionalism and dedication sets her apart. She is very reliable and trustworthy. She will always go above and beyond while a cat is in her care. The daily updates she provides are very comforting, I always re-watch the daily videos and throughout I feel connected to my cat. I appreciate she brings alone different toys to try activate him and knows/feels when he is a bit depressed and needs more care. She always tries to accommodate the best she can even at the busiest times i.e Christmas or summer holidays. She gives advice on how I could improve the quality of life of my cat and we implemented many of those ideas. There were many instances where she saw something she found Kai would love, pinged us and bought/brought it for him. She became our friend, not only our catsitter. I highly recommend Jameela to anyone, I in fact schedule my holidays around hers because I wouldn’t know who could ever measure up to her. I very selfishly hope that she will continue being there for us because we don’t know what we would do without her.


I had the pleasure of using Jameela’s service, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outstanding care she provided. Jameela is not only a true cat lover, but her professionalism and dedication truly set her apart. From the moment I met Jameela, I felt confident in her ability to care of my cat. Her attention to detail and genuine love for animals is apparent. I particularly appreciated her reliability and trustworthiness. There was never any worry about the well-being of my cat while I was away. Jameela goes above and beyond to ensure the happiness and comfort of your pet. The daily updates she provided were not only reassuring, but also a delightful highlight of my day. It’s evident that she takes the time to connect with the animals she cares for, and that personal touch makes all the difference. I would highly recommend Jameela to anyone.


We have first met Jameela 5 years ago when looking for a cat sitter for our BSH. She has became absolutely irreplaceable in our household, so much so that 5 years on we tailor our holiday to her availability . She is very responsible, forthcoming , reliable , very knowledgable and attentive to cats . She has an eye for detail and gives tips on what might work for a cat that always worth listening to. When we are away I have complete confidence that out kitty is well looked after and the household is in order . And once we are back we see a happy cat , which was not always the case with precious cat sitters. I highly recommend Jameela , just hope she will find the time for us ( a little worried and she is always super busy ) -:).

Lena Avdeenko

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