Terms and Conditions

While your cat/s are in my care they will be well cared for and treated as if they were my own. I will usually inform you about my absences 3 months in advance. I pay a lot of attention to the safety and well-being of your cat/s and observe the animal protection laws.

In the event of an accident, injury or illness, I will first try and contact you or your next of kin, should I have no success, should it be very urgent, I will    consult with nearest local veterinarian. The costs for the Veterinarian and and my time will be for the owner.

My Absence Or Cancellations

Should I become ill or not fit to care for your cat I will try and arrange alternative care for your cat/s or my husband will cover the period. Should   your cat damage any items in your property the cost is for your insurance.    Should I happen to accidently cause damage this will be covered by my insurance, should I be injured or attacked by your cat/s you will be liable for all medical cost.   

Obligations of the Cat/s Owner

  • I must have access during every care period to your cat’s vaccination record for the duration of your absences.
  • Should the cat/s have access to outdoors they must be vaccinated regularly, wormed and protected against flue. The vaccination must be at least 3 weeks old.
  • Your cat/s last known weight, intolerances, diet, behaviour issues or any other changes, please inform me 7 days before your departure. 
  • I must be clearly informed of your cat/s feeding and diet requirements and times.

       Deadlines For Booking Periods Refer to webpage


Shared care is something that I do not offer.  Should I find that any other person/s have entered the property during the sitting period, your care will be cancelled immediately and you will be charged for the whole period.

Cleaners entering the property during sitting period:  I must be informed of the days and approximate time.  The Cleaners must also be informed not to feed the cat/s, change water or clean the litter box.    

  • I am focussed on the cat/s care.  Therefore, the following applies: Agreed appointments – requested only via Whatsapp/Signal/Telegram or e-mail.    
  • A notice period of 7 days applies to all bookings unless otherwise agreed.
  • 14 day notice during peak period.
  • If you fail to cancel on time you may be charged for the full period.
  • Cancelations without notice remains to mine discretion. 
  • Postponement or ongoing postponements will be charged.  This is also at my own discretion.
  • Reservations can be cancelled free of charge up to 7 days before the start date, thereafter the full amount will be payable. 
  • Regular clients:┬áInvoices are payable on the last day of the month or no later than the 7th of the new month.

Version of the General Terms and Conditions

Place of jurisdiction is Zurich

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